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This Month In Body
  • Heating Up Your Workout
    Don’t let the heat of the summer put a damper on your exercise intentions. Stay active this summer with these great ideas. Read >>
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  • Fitness at Your Fingertips
    Whatever activity you’re doing, whether you’re running, doing yoga, or lifting weights, there’s an app for it. Wonder which fitness apps you should download? Here are a few to try. Read >>
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Heating Up Your Workout

Best exercises to try when it’s hot outside.

It’s easy to get lazy during the hot summer months. Life slows down, the kids are home from school, and you’re off your regular routine. You may rather be relaxing by the pool, but you’d miss out on all the benefits of exercise. Plus, it’s not easy to make family memories when you’re sitting around.

It may be sunny, hot, and humid, but there are plenty of fun summer workouts to try. Just remember to take the proper precautions to avoid heat-related illness.
Don’t let the heat of the summer put a damper on your exercise intentions. Stay active this summer with these great ideas.

In the Pool

Rather than lounging by the poolside, burn some calories in the water. You may not care to jump and splash with the kids, but there are other ways to get exercise at the pool. Swimming laps is a no-brainer way to get a full-body, low-impact workout. Make it fun by doing races with the kids. Try freestyle, the butterfly, and the backstroke or see who can tread water the longest. Rest your upper body on a float and kick around the pool or sit on the float and use your arms to paddle around. You can also hold onto the side and kick your legs or power walk around the shallow end.

On the Lake

Escape the heat and take the family for a day at the lake. Lakes offer fun ways to get your exercise. Swim around or tread water. Take the boat out and try your hand at water skiing. Anchor the boat and go for a swim. Rent a canoe and paddle around. Rowing provides one of the best upper body workouts out there. You’ll no doubt feel it in your shoulders, back, and core the next day. In other words, just get out there!

At the Beach

Maybe you’re blessed to live near the beach or enjoy a beach vacation this summer. Take advantage of the many ways you can exercise on the sand and in the waves. Put on your mask and fins and snorkel around the water. Play a game of beach volleyball, paddleball, or Frisbee. Build a sandcastle or dig a hole with the kids. The waves offer great ways to get a workout in. You can jump the waves, surf, or boogie board. If nothing else, you can take a long walk down the beach. Walk barefoot in the soft sand to give your ankles and legs an extra workout.

Over the Mountains

One good thing about the mountains in the summer is that it’s usually a few degrees cooler in higher elevations. The shade of the trees also helps protect you from the sun. Make some family memories this summer in the mountains by taking a hike. Wear hiking shoes and bug spray. Hiking is a great lower-body workout, but take along some walking sticks or poles so you can also work your upper-body muscles at the same time. Find a trail that’s near a water source to take a break to cool off.

For an even more intense workout, try mountain biking. The wider tires of a mountain bike are made for rocky, dirt trails. You’ll get a full-body workout while enjoying the quiet scenery of the outdoors.