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  • On the Hunt
    Unfortunately, not all trainers are qualified to help you reach your specific fitness goals. Sometimes a trainer’s personality or approach doesn’t gel with yours. In these cases it may be time to move on and find someone new. Read >>
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On the Hunt

Looking for a new personal trainer? Use these tips to find the best fit.

While you’re responsible for your weight loss success, your trainer can make a huge difference in helping you meet your goals. As he or she comes alongside you, coaching, training, and cheering you on, you realize the money you’re spending for their service is worth every penny.

Unfortunately, not all trainers are qualified to help you reach your specific fitness goals. Sometimes a trainer’s personality or approach doesn’t gel with yours. In these cases it may be time to move on and find someone new.

Get the fitness results you desire with a trainer that’s a right fit for you.

Narrow down Your Goals

A trainer may be highly qualified to coach bodybuilding, but if your goal is to run a marathon then he or she isn’t the trainer for you. Before searching for a trainer, determine what your fitness goals are. Are you trying to lose 100 pounds, reduce your body fat percentage, enjoy exercise, or learn to powerlift? After deciding your goal, it’s time to look for a trainer that’s trained and knowledgeable in your area.

Set Your Expectations

Think about what you expect from a trainer. Do you want someone to coach a few sessions of basic weightlifting or someone to come alongside you on a daily or weekly basis to help keep you focused? Are you looking for someone to cheer you on or someone who will give you tough love? Do you prefer a hands-on approach or space to try things on your own?

An Interview

As you talk to potential trainers there are a few characteristics to look for. A trainer should care about your goals and have experience working with others who have similar goals. Remember, they are working for you so they should consider your needs and preferences.

A trainer should also inquire about your health history. Past or present injuries or health concerns will necessarily result in a modified routine, and know a smart trainer will know how to develop a workout plan based on your health condition.

Also, don’t settle for someone who’s only interested in exercise. Weight loss and fitness are the result of diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle. Find a trainer who cares about all three in their own life as well as yours.

While specific personal trainer certifications look good on paper and say a lot about a person’s qualifications and expertise, there are plenty of great trainers with no certifications and plenty of bad trainers with all kinds of certifications. Because of this, don’t let a trainer’s certifications be your deciding factor. The most important thing to look for is experience and a passion to help you reach fitness goals.

The Cost

You’re likely looking for a trainer because you’ve tried the whole exercise thing on your own several times without success. This time you want to actually reach your goals and maintain them. You want your hard work to be worth the effort. Hiring a personal trainer isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the money. Well worth the money.

If you think they’re pricey, remember you’re not just paying for an hour or two of their time. You’re paying for their years of experience, training, and coaching, which is practically impossible to put a price on.

A Trial Run

After hiring a new trainer, give him or her at least 5 to 10 sessions before deciding whether you’ve found a good fit. It takes time to develop a plan that works for your schedule, health needs, and fitness goals. Miracles don’t happen overnight. While a trainer can help you reach your goals, it’s up to you to do the hard work.

And if you take a close look, you may find that your current trainer is doing just that!